Going the extra mile makes all the difference, says Markey's Dr. Lauren Baldwin

Dr. Lauren Baldwin
Making the Rounds

Meet Dr. Lauren Baldwin, a gynecologic oncologist at the UK Markey Cancer Center. Dr. Baldwin is an expert in treating cervical, ovarian, vaginal, vulvar and uterine cancers. In our Making the Rounds interview, she explains what it's like to be a gynecologic oncologist, what she looks forward to every day and how her patient care philosophy goes above and beyond.

What's one of the most rewarding parts of your role?

I spend most of my time taking care of cancer patients either in the operating room or in the clinic. One thing I really like about this specialty is we work with our patients for their surgeries and continue to work with them as they’re getting their treatment so that they have the continuity of a relationship with a provider who they come to know and who cares about them. That’s one of the most rewarding aspects of the specialty.

What's exciting about your work?

The easy things that are exciting are when you get to cure somebody of cancer. There are definitely times we do that, and that’s great. To take something that could end someone’s life and to fix that, that’s the goal every time.

The other things that are exciting are a little more subtle. We wish that we got that perfect outcome for every patient, but we don’t get that every time. But some of the rewarding things are working with families through the toughest of times and providing patients with dignity through the worst circumstances and helping them with the things we can control when the bigger things are out of our control.

How do you approach caring for patients?

I think it goes back to going that extra mile, whether that’s looking up extra research articles, making sure that you’re up to date on everything that’s out there, giving the most current recommendations.

Beyond that it’s being compassionate, being honest. It’s really hard to tell somebody that something very difficult is going on and things aren’t the way I want them or they want them. That honesty component is the best way to show a patient that you care and the best way to keep them informed and empowered in their own healthcare. That understanding of what’s going on to the best of your ability is something I really pride myself on. 

Watch our interview to learn more about Dr. Lauren Baldwin and her work at the UK Markey Cancer Center.

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