Keisa L. Fallin-Bennett, MD, MPH


Dr. Keisa Fallin-Bennett is an associate professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of Kentucky. Fallin-Bennett also serves as the lead physician of the Transform Health initiative and its LGBTQ* clinic at UK.

She earned her medical degree and master’s in public health at the University of Kentucky before completing her residency in Lawrence, Mass., and a faculty development and policy fellowship at Georgetown University in Washington.

Her special interests are LGBTQ* health; treatment of and recovery from substance use disorders; medical student and resident education; and interprofessional teamwork.

Personal Statment

As a young person questioning my own sexuality, I came to avoid a healthcare system that seemed impersonal and fragmented and that could possibly reject me. I was hopeful that medical school would reveal a better face of medical care, and thankfully I discovered family medicine. In our specialty, we care for the whole person in the setting of their family and community. We practice personalized medicine, which is where we look at the best evidence and then talk to you about how it fits in with your priorities and values. We also value being a part of our communities and working to make them places that give healthy opportunities to all people.

Through the family medicine approach, I hope to provide a place where people of all identities, including transgender, gender non-conforming and queer-spectrum people, can find a healthcare home that values them as whole people. I advocate for nutrition, physical activity and prevention methods such as vaccines and cancer screenings, but I also realize that we need our whole community and healthcare system to support us in these ways. You are the driver of your own health, and I am here to be a team member, advisor and advocate.

Faculty Rank

  • Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine

Training & Education


University of Kentucky, College of Medicine


Greater Lawrence Family Health, Lawrence, Mass.


Georgetown University and Robert Graham Center, Washington, D.C.

Certifications and Special Training

American Board of Family Practice

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