Dr. Keisa Fallin-Bennett talks with a patient at Transform Health.

LGBTQ community finds understanding at Transform Health

LGBTQ, Family and Community Medicine

We are proud to offer high-quality healthcare to Kentucky’s LGBTQ community at our Transform Health Clinic since 2016.

Clinic director Dr. Keisa Fallin-Bennett was inspired to start Transform Clinic based on her experiences as a gay-identifying woman and her recognition of the need for a designated safe space in a healthcare setting.

“It’s not because most providers aren’t nice and accepting,” Dr. Fallin-Bennett explained. “It’s because we’re not all trained to ask the right questions and know the language that people use. Talking about gender and sexuality isn’t something we do a lot in everyday life, but it’s crucial to be able to talk about these things with your healthcare providers in order to have a trusting and therapeutic relationship.”

Healthcare for the LGBTQ community is especially important due to a number of health disparities, including higher rates of depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use, cancer and suicide. These disparities arise from both social stigma and a lack of trust in the healthcare profession.

That’s why the Transform Health clinic aims to offer a welcoming environment and provide comprehensive care.

“In our community, it’s clear we’re a safe space,” she said. “You can come here and be understood.”

To make an appointment, call 859-323-6371. Choose option 1 for appointments and ask for Transform Health. 

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