Keeping Kentuckians safe through COVID-19

Throughout the course of this pandemic, our teams at UK HealthCare have shown unwavering dedication, providing hope, healing and grace for our patients, their families and each other. As we navigate each new turn, we are steadfast in our commitment to keep the people of Kentucky safe and healthy.

Rising to the challenge

Two front-line workers wearing masks, goggles, and other protective gear work at a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site.UK HealthCare has embraced its role as a statewide leader in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Our infectious disease experts have provided critical direction and guidance for our team and for Kentucky. Our frontline workers – from our nurses and critical care doctors to our pulmonary rehabilitation experts and life-support specialists – have cared for more than 8,000 COVID positive patients, many of whom needed highly specialized care.

Behind the scenes, countless members of our team have protected Kentuckians through the pandemic’s most uncertain days, nimbly rolling out a mass vaccination clinic as well as a regional call center to streamline and expedite care with other area hospitals across our area.

Having emerged from this crisis even stronger, we continue to lead the way to protect the lives and health of all Kentuckians.

A shot in the arm for Kentuckians

Community members file into Kroger Field for UK HealthCare's COVID-19 vaccination clinic.UK HealthCare’s vaccination efforts have marked a monumental milestone in the fight against COVID-19. In 2021, a large-scale vaccination clinic at UK’s Kroger Field – fueled by the tireless work of thousands of volunteers - was instrumental in rolling out the COVID vaccine to the people of Kentucky quickly and efficiently. Through UK HealthCare clinics and pharmacies, more than 300,000 vaccinations have been given to protect Kentuckians.

Providing access to the underserved

A nurse administers a COVID-19 vaccine at the Bracktown mobile outreach event. Providing access and equity to health care for medically underserved communities is fundamental to our work. 

Partnering with the state and Fayette County, UK and UK HealthCare prioritized this outreach by holding pop-up clinics at sites across Lexington to make the COVID-19 vaccine more accessible and to eliminate barriers to care.


Hear stories and perspectives from front-line workers who cared for UK HealthCare's sickest COVID-19 patients at the height of the pandemic.


Nurse wearing blue scrubs and a mask uses equipment in the ICU.

UK HealthCare's 2025 strategic plan provides a road map for achieving our vision: One community committed to creating a healthier Kentucky. We are committed to positively impacting our community and our Commonwealth by understanding and responding to health needs through engagement, outreach and collaboration.