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Voices from the Front Lines

An inside view of the COVID-19 fight

In September 2021, we joined hospital staff for a few days to document the reality of treating COVID-19 patients across the hospital system. These are the first three chapters in our ongoing series, “UK HealthCare: Voices from the Front Lines,” highlighting stories and perspectives from our front line workers who have been caring for our sickest COVID-19 patients since March 2020.

Produced by:
Allison Perry, UK Public Relations & Strategic Communications
Larry Treadway, UK HealthCare Brand Strategy & Marketing

  • Chapter 1

    “Every Day with COVID is a Bad Day” Inside UK Chandler Emergency Department

    Read the full Chapter 1 story on UKNOW

  • Chapter 2

    "This Time Around is So Different” - Inside the Medicine Intensive Care Unit

    Read the full Chapter 2 story on UKNOW

  • Chapter 3

    “The heartbreak … and the awfulness of all this is hard” - Inside the Cardiovascular ICU

    Read the full Chapter 3 story on UKNOW

  • Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 - 'It's ... something I would never wish on anyone." - Inside Kentucky Children's Hospital (NICU, PICU, Labor & Delivery)

    Read the full Chapter 4 story on UKNOW