The UK Transplant Center had a record-setting, life-saving year

Dr. Robert Gedaly talking with members of the transplant team.

This is a really big deal! The UK Transplant Center made history in 2017, performing 208 organ transplants, a single-year record in Kentucky. We couldn’t be prouder!

Every transplant we perform is a life-changing event, giving patients and their families a renewed sense of hope, an improved quality of life and more meaningful time together.

And in 2017, we facilitated more of these events than ever before.

In total, our transplant teams performed 101 kidney transplants (including three kidney-pancreas transplants), 43 heart transplants, 41 liver transplants and 23 lung transplants. It’s a significant milestone that cements our place in the top 25th percentile of transplant centers nationally based on volume.

And not only are we performing more transplants than most centers in the country, our outcome success consistently meets and exceeds national standards, too.

“This is an extraordinary achievement for our program,” said Transplant Center Director Dr. Roberto Gedaly. “It’s particularly special because of what it means for patients and families across Kentucky and the region. It’s further proof that if you need life-saving transplant care, you don’t have to travel outside of the state to find it.”

Our comprehensive approach to transplant care involves working with patients and their families through every step of the transplant process – from initial consultation through surgery and follow-up care.

And the care teams at the UK Transplant Center are backed up by other experts from across UK HealthCare, too – including the UK Gill Heart & Vascular Institute – allowing us to provide advanced care for even the most complex diagnoses.

For more than 50 years, we’ve provided solid-organ transplantation services to the people of Kentucky and beyond. Check out the video below to learn more about our legacy.

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