Protect your kids' eyes with these 6 tips

Young girl plays outside during fall

Although kids will be kids, it's important as parents to encourage your children to be safe. Not only should you promote safe activities such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike, you should also be concerned about eye safety. Ocular injuries are the most common cause of acquired monocular blindness in children.

Kids are more at risk for these injuries due to immature motor skills. Pediatric eye injuries can occur anywhere: Children can experience ocular trauma by being poked in the eye or by running into or falling into objects.

Tips for preventing eye injury

Teach your kids these tips to help avoid an accident.

  1. Limit rowdy behavior and practice gentle movements away from the face and neck.
  2. Be careful around trees and low-hanging objects.
  3. Practice safe techniques when using scissors, forks, paperclips, bungee cords and projectile toys.
  4. Keep away from hazardous chemicals, firearms and fireworks.
  5. Wear appropriate eye protection during sports, yard work and house repair.
  6. Wear UV-protected sunglasses, even on cloudy days or when spending time in the snow or water.
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