Making the Rounds with nurse midwife Megan Sharp

Megan Sharp

MTR graphicFor this edition of Making the Rounds, we interviewed Megan Sharp, APRN, CNM, a certified nurse midwife at the UK Midwife Clinic.

We spoke with Sharp about the types of patients she treats and the importance of midwifery. 

Who are your typical patients?

At the midwife clinic, we see a variety of patients…anywhere from adolescence through menopause.

How do midwives work with doctors to treat patients?

A lot of times, people think of midwives and physicians being completely opposite from each other, but I find that it's really kind of the best of both worlds to have the ability for us to work hand in hand. We are able to have our patients meet with our physicians if we need a consult for anything during pregnancy, or even for GYN needs.

But also, on the flip side, we're able to work with the new generation of physicians. And as one of our physicians says, it helps bring out the inner midwife in all of us.

What drew you to this career?

What really led me to want to become a midwife, especially here at UK, was just working with the patients here and seeing what a difference that we can make in their lives by giving them the tools that they need to have a voice and stand up to make their own choices in health care.

I think that UK HealthCare really sees the value in midwifery and serving women, especially in our community. And they've really supported us in making the moves towards providing better access to that care.

If anyone is interested in becoming a patient at the UK Midwife Clinic, it's really easy to make that first appointment. You can even do it online through MyChart, or you can call the clinic number: 859-323-9897.

Watch our entire interview with Megan Sharp:

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