How our providers balance sweet treats and a healthy diet

Chocolate chip cookies stacked on top of each other against a blue background

In case you're looking for an excuse to indulge in something sweet today, now you have one: It's National Dessert Day! We asked some of our own providers what their favorite treats are and how they balance desserts and a healthy lifestyle.

Alissa Briggs' family enjoys an ice cream sundae.

Alissa Briggs, PhDAdolescent Medicine

“I love desserts, and I have one most every day. A few times a year, I’ll splurge with my family and go out for an ice cream sundae lunch or dinner (see picture). I believe that calling foods ‘bad’ and denying ourselves is where we go wrong. Life is too short for ‘bad foods.’ Rather, I think that when we abandon guilt, it is easier to listen to our body’s desire for the foods that will nourish it (or make it happy). Without guilt, we can find true joy in a reasonable serving of dessert regularly and a splurge every so often.” 



Dee Polito stands in the UK Midwife Clinic and holds pieces of mini candy.

JoAnne Burris, APRN, CNMUK Midwife Clinic

"My favorite way to enjoy desserts in a healthier way is portion control! These mini candy bars are a great example. I also love ice cream and use a ramekin or small bowl to help adjust my portions."





Morgan Chojnacki eats cookies with her daughters.

Morgan Chojnacki, DNP, APRN, PNP-PC, Adolescent Medicine

"When it comes to desserts, I have very little will power to say no, so I plan in advance for healthy eating with an occasional sweet. I don't typically keep ready-to-eat sweets in my home, and when I really want a dessert, I bake it with my two girls and husband.  My favorite is chocolate chip cookies. We make a half batch of cookies instead of the whole batch and share some with neighbors and friends."




Dr. John Draus eats a Blizzard with his kids.

Dr. John Draus, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Kentucky Children's Hospital

"My favorite dessert is a Snickers Blizzard from Dairy Queen. They are delicious, and DQ supports Kentucky Children’s Hospital."






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