Landon A. Jones, MD Landon A. Jones, MD

  • Assistant Medical Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Landon A. Jones, MD Landon A. Jones, MD

  • Assistant Medical Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Dr. Landon Jones leads dedicated, child-friendly team at Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Center

Landon Jones, MD
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This week’s Making the Rounds features Landon Jones, MD, Medical Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Center, a Pediatric Level I Trauma Center that is the only dedicated children’s emergency center serving Central and Eastern Kentucky. Dr. Jones shared the best parts of his job along with what’s so special about a pediatric emergency room. 

What’s the Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Center like? How is it different from the adult ER?

In the pediatric emergency department, it's more kid-friendly. There are video games, there's an interactive wall that is downstairs that the kids can play with where butterflies will land on their shoulder or bubbles will roll off their shoulder.

We have pediatric-specific nursing staff. They are familiar with children and know and love kids. We've got physicians that have pediatric-specific training. We have respiratory therapies that are involved and special kid-specific imaging.

How do you help children cope with traumatic events or unfamiliar treatment?

The biggest thing, especially with kids, is to talk to them. The parents are obviously always there and they're always listening, but I think if you talk to kids and make them feel like they're part of it, as well – it really helps with the whole process.

Pain and fear is a big thing about coming to the pediatric emergency department, so we actually have [pain] medications that don't require an IV. We’ve got medications that can go through their nose to help with pain. We can take care of their pain a lot faster than putting in an IV. 

What’s the best part of your job?

I get to see things change quickly. I could see a child come in who is having difficulty breathing, and I get to see that really improve very quickly. Just seeing the kid who doesn't want to move around or do anything, and then an hour later like literally running up and down the hallways of the pediatric nurse department. That's the greatest thing I see.

Watch our full interview with Dr. Landon Jones. 

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