Advanced Transplant Care - Quality Outcomes

Monitoring and sharing data about transplant surgery outcomes has been an important part of UK Transplant Center since our program began in 1964. Our goal is to provide our patients with the latest information on their specific transplant procedure, so they can understand both the benefits and risks and make an informed choice about their care.

For each type of organ transplant we offer, we have a committee that monitors the outcomes of our patients. These groups meet regularly to review their findings and provide suggestions for ways to further strengthen the care we provide and the outcomes our patients experience. 

Our physicians and nurses share transplant outcome data with our patients during their appointments. Every six months, we also send all of our listed transplant patients the latest reports published by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, or SRTR, which collects data on transplant outcomes in patients across the United States. These reports provide our patients with a clearer picture of how UK Transplant Center compares to others centers.

To review our transplant outcomes, volumes or other specific information go to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Patients.

At UK Transplant Center, we carefully monitor a large amount data about our program, including:

  • The number of our patients on a waiting list for an organ.
  • How quickly our patients receive transplants.
  • How these numbers compare to other transplant centers in Kentucky and the surrounding region.
  • The number of transplants performed at UK Transplant Center.
  • In kidney transplant, the number of transplants we perform with organs from deceased donors compared to those from living donors.
  • The survival rate for our patients who receive kidneys from living donors.
  • The survival rate for living kidney donors.
  • The survival rate of patients one month, one year and three years after transplant.
  • The survival rate of the transplanted organ one month, one year and three years after transplant.
  • How the observed survival of our patients compares to the expected rate of survival.

We invite you to learn more about the quality data we track at UK Transplant Center. Please ask your nurse coordinator for more information.


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