Strategic Planning Process

Process Overview: Stakeholder surveys and interviews identify clear and consistent themes.The process goal was to create an integrated plan around key strategic objectives, aligned to the education and research missions of the College of Medicine.

Discovery, visioning and prioritization

Enterprisewide survey and key stakeholder interviews

Gather input and feedback from all levels of the organization and external stakeholders.

August – October 2019

(2,800+ responses, 40+ patient and family/hospital auxiliary responses, 60+ key stakeholder interviews)

Visioning 2025 (Oct. 31 and Nov. 1)

An offsite workshop with senior leadership to define strategic objectives and the future vision of UK HealthCare. These sessions revealed the need for additional work around organizational culture and transparent decision-making.

(60+ attendees)

Innovation acceleration experience (IAE) sessions on culture and physician and advance practice provider (APP) engagement

Offsite workshops to accelerate grassroots plan development, obtain buy-in and create a change-agent network. The culture IAEs took place Jan. 15 and 21. Physician and APP engagement IAEs took place on March 3 and 12.

(100+ attendees)

Strategy 2025 work teams

Each of the strategies within the strategic objectives has a work team assigned to it, tasked with developing initiatives, tactics and workplans. Each team’s goal is to create comprehensive tactical plans for strategic objectives and identify owners.

(20+ teams; 200+ team members)

Work team milestones:

  • Current state assessment and work team defined
  • Strategy initiative development and prioritization
  • Owners, target goals and metrics assigned
  • Leadership review and feedback
  • Tactics development, implementation and financial modeling

Graphic illustration of planning cycle.Annual planning cycle

Over time, we will shift our strategic planning cycle into a more agile operating model to ensure collaborative visioning and uniform prioritization for the enterprise on an annual basis.

  • Aligns key workflows with the enterprise vision and priorities
  • Allows for careful and integrated evaluation of all aligned proposals
  • Simplifies the decision-making process
  • Supports flexibility to meet the demands of our dynamic health care environment
5 objectives, 7 strategic enablers, 23 strategies, 80 initiatives