Be a Community

A doctor and administrator talk as they walk through the hospital.
Productive pairs of physicians and administrators, known as dyads, form the backbone of UK HealthCare's quality improvement efforts.

Deliberately develop our expertise and culture through engagement of our staff and providers, development of our workforce and leadership, and living our values in a diverse and inclusive environment. Enhance organizational resiliency and create a positive environment that fosters well-being, equity, collaboration and trust.

Key objective: Build our culture

Build our culture.

Deliberately develop a DIReCT, values-based culture


Physician and APP engagement: Develop, support and encourage an environment where a focus on well-being, equity, collaboration and trust enables providers to improve patient care and further the
UK HealthCare mission.

Staff engagement: Create a culture where unity, passion, and commitment drive UK HealthCare to be a highly engaged workforce among our academic peers.

Values: Inspire behaviors throughout UK HealthCare that embody our DIReCT culture in order to achieve our 2025 vision.

Diversity, equity and inclusion: Foster and support a diverse, inclusive community of care providers who continually strive for equity-mindedness to ensure quality care to patients from all backgrounds, and who actively engage team members from all backgrounds to achieve patient outcomes, enterprise goals and optimal personal achievement.

Key objective: Invest in our people

Invest in our people.

Intentionally recruit, develop and retain expertise and talent


Integrated medical group: Better integrate the faculty’s clinical practices with advanced practice providers, future community practices and ambulatory operations in order to position clinicians to enable enterprisewide goals.

Workforce development: Proactively recruit and retain high-impact individuals aligned to UK HealthCare values, particularly in critical-to-fill areas. Develop a systematic workforce planning structure, identifying progress toward benchmark goals and anticipating staffing needs against market shifts and expansion efforts.