Be Exceptional

A doctor talks with a patient at Kentucky Children's Hospital.
Across care locations, creating an excellent patient experience is a key strategy.

Evolve as a high-value organization by becoming extremely reliable in our quality, safety and patient experience, and by appropriately managing costs and building efficiencies throughout our health system. Strategically grow in high-priority areas and enhance ambulatory access in our local communities, employ innovative care models and grow specialty services where opportunities exist to meet the demands of our market and consumer expectations.

Key objective: provide more value

Provide more value.

Strive to be a high-value, performance-driven organization


Quality and safety: Achieve demonstrable improvements in care delivery assessments (e.g., mortality, PSIs, standardization of processes with minimization of variation) to document achievement of being a high reliability, high-value organization viewed as a leading learning health system.

Innovative care models: Transform the care experience for Kentuckians’ through innovative care models focusing on the needs of patients throughout their care continuum.

Patient experience: Empower UK HealthCare to create a patient-centered environment where patients feel valued and respected so that they are confident in their care and engage with us to focus on their health.

Efficiency and throughput: Continually improve clinical and business processes throughout the organization to maximize the patient experience, positively impact clinical outcomes and optimize our financial performance.

Key objective: Advance care strategically

Advance care strategically.

Strategically develop in high-impact areas


Local market and ambulatory strategy: Create a delivery model in the local market focused on exceeding patients’ expectations to position us as the “provider of choice” with an expanded footprint and access for primary care,  specialty care, and core services that meet the needs of the university and our local community.

Strategic specialty growth: Strategies focused on targeted growth areas in a phased approach to respond to patient needs and market dynamics while continuously evaluating and recognizing opportunities.