SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry


The new computerized tomography scan on rails provides our team the ability to precision-mark the tumor on imaging, calculate the radiation dose and apply treatment exactly at the tumor site.

What should patients expect?

The computerized tomography scan slides over the patient so that the table remains stationary, avoiding patient movement and allowing radiation and particle therapy to be delivered with a high level of precision.

The SOMATOM CT sliding gantry provides cutting-edge diagnostic imaging without concern over patient movement.

  • The CT gantry slides on railes over the patient, so table and accesories remain stationary
  • Imaging for brachytherapy without patient and applicator motion
  • High precision for therapy treatments 

Benefits of new brachytherapy suite

The SOMATOM CT sliding gantry treatments will be offered in Radiation Oncology's new brachtherapy suite. Benefits of this new suite include:

  • Centrally located in the radiation oncology department, minimizing patient travel in the hospital
  • Computerized tomography on rails, physics treatment planning and the brachytherapy suite are all in one location
  • Efficient, patient-centered design

This suite also represents a more efficient patient flow, decreased transport time and increased patient privacy.