Research in Radiation Oncology

Drs. Mark Bernard and William St. Clair review research information

The primary research goal of UK Radiation Oncology is to develop care strategies tailored to improve treatment for many types of cancer. It is true that one treatment that is highly effective for one patient or cancer type may be ineffective for another.

As we strive to effectively treat a variety of patient situations, UK Radiation Oncology is actively conducting research on the clinical, translational and basic levels to personalize care and place patients on the road to recover whenever possible.

Physician biosketches

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Research laboratories

Vivek M. Rangnekar, PhD, is a faculty member of the Radiation Oncology department. His laboratory studies the molecular cross-talk between oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in an effort to tilt the balance in favor of tumor suppressor function. The strategy is to utilize the inherent strengths of the tumor against itself to specifically target cell survival mechanisms that are common to diverse cancers while leaving the normal host cells unharmed.

Learn more about Dr. Rangnekar's work by visiting his research profile and viewing his biosketch here.

William H. St. Clair, MD, PhD, is a faculty member of the Radiation Oncology department. His laboratory addresses the fundamental mechanisms by which radiation-induced cytokine production contributes to normal tissue injury and cancer progression in order to develop novel strategies for intervention, and to identify mechanistic based novel therapeutic agents and translate them into clinical applications.

Learn more about Dr. St. Clair's work by visiting his research profile and viewing his biosketch here.