The Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care

Sibu Saha, MD, MBS, FACS
Dr. Sibu Saha

The Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care, sponsored by the Saha Foundation, was established to honor healthcare employees who exhibit a high sense of professionalism, and a moral obligation to high quality patient-centered care.

Sibu Saha, MD, MBA, FACS, Professor of Surgery and Bioengineering, Frank C. Spenser, MD Endowment Chair, was fueled by his own passion and commitment to excellent care and medical research to establish the Saha Foundation.

Through the generosity of the Saha family, the foundation is able to recognize like-minded healthcare providers annually through The Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care.

The award is presented annually to four UK HealthCare Employees. These individuals represent each of the designated categories of professional healthcare disciplines. They have exhibited a high commitment to our patients, quality of care and the UK HealthCare DIReCT Values.

The Saha Award for Patient Centered-Care selects the winners from the best of the patient centered care stories submitted from the previous calendar year. Stories are collected from the STAR Program, Recognition Jackets, Daisy award winners, and other avenues where employees have been identified as giving outstanding patient centered care and living the UK HealthCare DIReCT Values. The top recognition stories are blinded and presented to a committee for selection of the best of the best patient centered care story.

The ceremony takes place in early spring and is open to anyone who would like to join in the celebration. Each honoree is presented with a framed certificate and a prize of $500.00.

Award criteria

  • Nominee recognized for patient- and family-centered care moment by peers, leadership or patient/family in previous year calendar year
  • Scoring based on:
    • Demonstrating UKHC values:
      • Diversity
      • Innovation
      • Respect
      • Compassion
      • Teamwork
    • Demonstrating principles of patient and family centered care:
      • Respect and Dignity
      • Information Sharing
      • Participation (Engagement)
      • Collaboration

Award categories

Clinical Nurse

Clinical Support


Assistant Professor