What to do if you've lost your COVID-19 vaccination card

Patient receives COVID vaccine from UK HealthCare

If you've lost your COVID-19 vaccination card, you can retrieve proof of your immunization by contacting the Kentucky Immunization Registry.

The KIR will help, whether you've had just the first of a two-dose vaccine or are fully vaccinated. Also, if you received a vaccine from your primary care provider, they might be able to issue a replacement card.

Though an electronic record of your vaccination exists, physical proof of vaccination could save you time and spare you inconvenience. The information contained on your card could speed up the process should booster shots become necessary in the future. 

It's also possible that some venues and events will require proof of vaccination for entry. For those planning to travel internationally, proof of vaccination could become a requirement for entry into certain countries.    

To contact the Kentucky Immunization Registry about replacing a lost COVID-19 vaccination card, call 502-564-0038 or email KYIRHelpdesk@ky.gov. You can also visit the Kentucky Immunization Registry website by clicking here.  

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