UK Simulation Center

UK Simulation Center will improve medical education, advance safety

UK HealthCare has opened the doors to a new, state-of-the-art simulation facility. The approximately 7,000-square-foot space, located on the second floor of UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, will house technology needed for multidisciplinary training and research to advance patient safety and teach today’s students and tomorrow’s healthcare providers.

The UK Simulation Center is led by Dr. Zaki Hassan, a professor of anesthesiology and surgery. “Our new simulation center will provide all healthcare professionals at the University of Kentucky the ability to undertake guided immersive training, practice and learning with the use of high-fidelity and task simulators,” said Hassan. “Our healthcare personnel can learn technical skills and crises resource management and recreate and amplify real-life clinical situations without compromising patient safety.”

The UK Simulation Center’s rooms simulate clinical scenarios from acute care, intensive care units and operating suites. All simulation rooms are equipped with cameras, microphones and speakers for recording and playback debriefing of simulation scenarios.

“Healthcare simulation provides a wealth of opportunities to challenge clinicians in a safe environment, where they are given permission to make mistakes and learn in a controlled environment without patient harm,” said Dr. Mark Newman, UK HealthCare’s executive vice president for health affairs.

This content was produced by UK HealthCare Brand Strategy.

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