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UK Simulation Center

UK HealthCare Simulation Center

The UK HealthCare Simulation Center is a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary training and research facility created to advance patient safety by educating today’s students and tomorrow’s healthcare leaders with the most advanced simulation technology and experiential learning in alignment with established medical curricula and enterprise goals.

Simulation complements traditional teaching modes with experiential learning for undergraduate and graduate medical education and hospital populations to improve skills, teamwork, communication, and safety through training, research and innovation.

The center occupies approximately 7,000 square feet on the second floor of Chandler Hospital.

  • Facilities

    Facilities include:

    • Three patient rooms, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, and a Flex Room with high fidelity patient simulators for complex clinical scenario training.
    • Large and small Debriefing Rooms, for private, psychologically safe areas for reflection and self-critique.
    • Multipurpose Room for individual and team-based skills task training and medical exam practice.

    The center features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment with recording and playback capabilities, four 85” LG display screens and in-room flat screen displays for simulation education and playback.

  • Rooms

    Simulated patient care room.Acute Care Rooms (Sim 1-3)

    Authentic, simulated patient rooms styled after Chandler Hospital Pavilion A patient rooms equipped with patient monitors that show real-time simulated patient vitals based on simulated clinical scenario.

    Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Room

    Authentic, simulated ICUI room styled after Chandler Hospital Pavilion A equipped with cameras, microphones, and speakers for recording and playback debriefing of simulation scenario.

    Operating Room (OR) Suite

    State-of-the-art simulated operating room accommodates the practice of crisis-resource management, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

    Control Room

    Command center where simulation scenarios are monitored and remotely controlled using sophisticated equipment to capture patient simulator statistics for debriefings.

    Debriefing Rooms (large conference room and small Sim 4)

    Instructors and learners review simulation scenario video in these rooms to discuss their simulation practice in order to explore, analyze and synthesize their thoughts and actions.

    Multipurpose Room

    A multi-functional training space designed for simulation skill practice, group training and continuing medical education (CME) courses with large monitors and flexible tables for physical exam and task training.

  • Simulators

    Simulated operating roomHPS (Operating Room)

    Gold standard in high-fidelity patient simulation with anesthesia, respiratory and critical care training that interfaces with real clinical monitors and ventilators.

    IStan (Intensive Care Unit)

    Originally designed for the military with wireless functionality and on-board fluids for flexible, mobile training; includes upper airway designed from CT scan data of a real human patient.

    PediaSim ECS (Sim 1)

    Realistic reproduction of a 6-year-old child provides advanced pediatric simulation training for pediatric emergency and critical care.

    Apollo (Sim 2)

    Stunningly real aesthetic, designed for medical and allied health education in a prehospital patient configuration featuring wireless and tetherless for mobile training.

    Licina (Sim 3)

    Obstetric simulator that allows for practice of pre-partum assessment, labor, delivery, post-partum emergency care and transport that responds automatically to multiple obstetric maneuvers and clinical interventions.

  • Location and contact information

    UK HealthCare Simulation Center
    Albert B. Chandler Hospital, Pavilion H
    1000 S. Limestone, Floor 2, Room HA.02.244
    Lexington KY 40536

    Inquiries – Please contact Jenny Sutton-Amr, Administrative Director, at