UK HealthCast: Dr. Wendy Jackson on preparing for a child’s first trip to the gynecologist

Gynecologist consults a teen patient.

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This edition of UK HealthCast features Dr. Wendy Jackson, an OB-GYN at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Dr. Jackson provided advice for parents on how to prepare for their child’s first trip to the gynecologist.

At what age should a child have their first gynecological exam?

Dr. Jackson: The first gynecologic exam or visit … should occur between ages 13 and 15. 

What can parents do to help prepare their child for this first visit?

Dr. Jackson: Parents or guardians can sort of deescalate fear by sharing some of the basics. They can let the patient know that they're going to the type of doctor that specializes in caring for women. That physician is called a gynecologist, and we're actually going to one that specializes in taking care of teenagers. 

What would you tell a young person to expect during their first visit to a gynecologist?

Dr. Jackson: The first visit is dependent upon the chief concern of the patient. If we're referring to the initial reproductive health visit, then that sort of starts off by collecting a history about when they experience periods. We'll collect some history about that. We'll make sure everything is checking out okay, and if they have any other gynecologic concerns, we will address those and then shift gears into preventive care.

Listen to the UK HealthCast episode with Dr. Wendy Jackson below:

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