Throwback Thursday: Halloween edition

Hayden Meza, APRN, as a young girl on Halloween.
Hayden Meza today

This week’s Halloween edition of Throwback Thursday features Hayden Meza, APRN, CNM. Meza is a certified nurse midwife at our UK Midwife Clinic, where she provides primary care along with prenatal, birthing and postnatal care in a reassuring environment. She joined the UK Midwife Clinic in early 2018 – but she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, even dressing up as a doctor for Halloween when she was younger:

“From the time I was little, I told anyone that would listen I was going to be a ‘baby doctor’… only because I didn’t know I could be a nurse practitioner who catches babies!”

We’re grateful that Meza pursued her childhood goals – and grateful she’s part of the UK Midwife Clinic team.

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