Mother/daughter celebrate work milestones

Lauren Perkins and her mother, Janet Holman, recently celebrated work anniversaries at UK HealthCare.

Recently, a mother-daughter duo employed here at UK HealthCare celebrated important work milestones: Lauren Perkins, who manages our grateful patient program, recently celebrated her fifth year at UK HealthCare, and her mother, Janet Holman, celebrated her thirtieth year in nursing in our NICU at Kentucky Children’s Hospital

We caught up with Lauren and Janet and asked them not only what it’s like to achieve these milestones but also to work with one another:

Lauren Perkins: 

My mom, Janet Holman, is my hero! She and the awesome NICU team take care of our tiniest patients. Mom made such an impact on the lives of her patients that she still gets stacks of Christmas cards every year from grateful families. Seeing the impact she makes on patients and their families really inspired me to look into a career in philanthropy. 

I currently manage our grateful patient program, which is like coming full circle. Although Mom and I work opposite shifts, we do work alongside each other occasionally, which is a lot of fun. Even though I’m in my thirties, I feel like a little kid again when I see her in the hallways and say, “that’s my mom!” Her scrubs are a superhero cape to me!

Janet Holman: 

My career at UK has been one of the defining things in my life. My daughter, Lauren, was a toddler when I started in the NICU. I love my work here – I feel respected and that my opinion really matters. It is really unreal all that must happen behind the scenes in order for my unit to run smoothly. The new state-of-the-art NICU has been a blessing to the patients and their families, and I hope to continue to work here many more years. 

Working with Lauren has been such a great thing. She is so talented and passionate, and I am so proud of her! 

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