Dr. Ibraheem committed to patient-centered care, mentoring next generation of neurologists

Dr. Mam Ibraheem

This week’s Making the Rounds features Mam Ibraheem, MD, MPH, CPH, a clinical neurologist at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute. In addition to his work at KNI, Dr. Ibraheem has a dual appointment at the Troy Bowling Campus of the Lexington VA Medical Center. We recently chatted with Dr. Ibraheem about working in academic medicine and what he enjoys about the field of neurology.

Tell us about what do you.

I practice the full spectrum of clinical neurology, so I provide counseled inpatient and outpatient neurologic services.

I'm deeply committed to patient-centered care and special needs veterans center care as well. 

What is unique about academic medicine?

What's really unique about academic medicine is it gives me the opportunity to be an educator and mentor: training the next generation of our health professionals, from medical students, residents, fellows, and other healthcare professionals here at UK, and helping them master problem-solving skills.

What do you enjoy about neurology? 

[Neurology] really combines the art and science of medicine. It has a strong foundation in basic and clinical science and is all about problem solving. 

I really enjoy taking care of patients with complex neurologic disorders, helping them to reach the proper diagnosis and eventually helping them navigate the healthcare system.

Watch our full interview with Dr. Mam Ibraheem. 

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