Doctor of Nursing Practice spotlight: Meet Marc Woods

Marc Wods, chief nursing officer for UK HealthCare

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the University of Kentucky’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program – the first of its kind in the country – we are highlighting some of our DNP graduates who serve as nurse leaders at UK HealthCare.

Marc Woods, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Marc Woods is a 2022 graduate of UK’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program. He is a chief nursing officer for UK HealthCare with nearly three decades of progressive experience, including key leadership positions throughout UK HealthCare and Eastern State Hospital

What influenced your decision to work in health care? 

I watched my mother bring people into our home to provide palliative care for them throughout my life. She would take us to “rest homes” to spend time with the residents, none of whom we were related to. I watched, felt and experienced “active advocacy” because of her, and it heavily influenced my decision to work with a population so often marginalized.  

What keeps you motivated in your career? 

I remain motivated in my career because of the opportunities that still exist to improve the system of care for behavioral health.  While behavioral health remains affected by stigma, clinicians are more willing to talk about it and work toward new ideas to create a better system of care.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at UK HealthCare? 

My favorite memory from my time at UK HealthCare is when Eastern State Hospital received Magnet designation (the highest institutional honor awarded for nursing excellence) as part of UK HealthCare’s Magnet redesignation. As far as we could tell, we were the first state psychiatric hospital with this designation. Knowing the rich history of this 200-year-old facility, it was a crowning achievement.  

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