Diabetes patients at greater risk of severe illness from COVID. A vaccine will help protect you.

Dr. Fowlkes

If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you may be more likely to become severely ill from COVID-19. If you haven’t already gotten vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to consider doing so.

“As part of our mission at Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center, we want our patients and families to stay healthy. Therefore, we recommend that those we care for at Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center be vaccinated against COVID-19, a virus that has been shown to cause more severe health problems for those with diabetes,” said Dr. John L. Fowlkes, Barnstable Brown Director.

“More contagious strains of COVID-19 are now spreading in unvaccinated communities. If you or your family members have not been vaccinated – act now – get vaccinated.”

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