Celebrating National Advanced Practice Provider Week

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National Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Week, Sept. 25-29, celebrates APPs and brings awareness to the vital and unique roles they play. This year, UK is excited to be the host organization for National APP Week, bringing together more than 100,000 APPs from across the country to recognize and honor their crucial contributions in virtually every field of medicine.  

But you may be wondering, who is considered an APP – and what exactly do they do? Here at UK HealthCare, we employ nearly 600 APPs across the enterprise who provide expert, personal care to thousands of patients across the Commonwealth. 

UK Healthcare is proud to have a variety of APPs, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified registered nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse midwives (You can read more about the UK Midwife Clinic by clicking here). 

Each APP completes rigorous graduate programs and has continuing education requirements as part of their state and national licenses.

APPs provide specialized care and work with multidisciplinary teams throughout the healthcare system to improve patient access to the high-quality care that is a trademark of UK HealthCare. APPs work across the entire hospital, from routine appointments in various clinics to the emergency room, intensive care units, and operating rooms. 

The daily contributions that APPs make to deliver patient-centered high-quality healthcare is valued not only by patients and their families, but also by our physicians and staff. We’re grateful for all our APPs and excited to host this year’s National APP Week. 

This content was produced by UK HealthCare Brand Strategy.

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