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Use our resources to learn more about current injury prevention practices. You will find information on topics that keep kids of all ages safe from preventable injuries that may occur, at home, at play or while they are on the go. Please feel free to share these resources among peers, clients, friends and family members. 

Risk Areas

Kids will be kids. They jump, slip, fall and tumble -- and sometimes get hurt. It's our job as parents, caregivers and adults to care for and protect children from the dangers in the world. Even though we can't prevent every scrape and cut, we can take precautions and avoid the more serious injuries that can lead to lifelong disabilities or even death. 

That's Why We're Here

This section is divided up into specific injury risk areas.  Let us know if there are topics you would like like to know more about. 

For Educators

Safe Kids offers fun and interactive experiences to engage children as they learn ways to be injury free.

Safe Kids Safety Trunks

Safety Trunks are educational and interactive teaching tools that are available to check out. The Safe Kids Safety Trunks were developed to provide the community with resources to start a dialogue about safety with children in preschool to middle school.

The injury risk areas focus on child passenger safety, pedestrian safety, bicycle/helmet safety and fire safety. Learning about injury prevention in a fun, interactive manner through the teaching tools and lesson plans provided will hopefully get kids to use better judgment, practice safe behaviors and understand the benefits of safety devices.

For additional information or to check out a Safety Trunk, call the Safe Kids office at 859-323-1153.

Safe Kids Newsletters

The Safe Kids Newsletter is now part of HealthMatters, the UK HealthCare blog. Safe Kids keeps our readers informed about relevant safety topics. It focuses on Safe Kids' mission to prevent childhood injuries by keeping parents and caregivers informed.

We highlight stories and tips based on national safety awareness topics and observances.

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