6 ways to make car rides safer

A child buckles their car seat.

Using a seat belt is a great way to stay safe in your car, but it’s also important to secure all loose items to reduce your and your child’s risk of injury.

If your car stops suddenly, unsecured objects will keep moving forward until they hit a barrier, dashboard, window or person. These projectiles will fly at the same rate of your car’s speed before impact. For example, at 55 mph, a 20-pound object will hit with 1,100 pounds of force.

Safe Kids Fayette County shares these tips to ensure your and your child’s safety:

  • Pack loose items in the trunk or cargo area. Use cargo nets, tethers and bungee cords to secure objects.
  • Buckle booster seats, even if they are unoccupied.
  • Keep larger, heavier items low to the ground and against fixed components to reduce their ability to build momentum.
  • Use glove compartment and consoles to store phones, glasses and other small items.
  • When school is in session, stow heavy backpacks and briefcases on the floorboard behind front seats.
  • Always wear a seat belt. Unrestrained people can become dangerous projectiles, too!
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