2021 Markey Cancer Center Annual Report

2021 UK Markey Cancer Center Annual Report

Together, we can achieve a cancer-free tomorrow for the Commonwealth and beyond. This isn’t some far-off fantasy, it is rooted in the hard work of everyone connected to the Markey Cancer Center: doctors, nurses, researchers, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians, volunteers, and so many others.

Through research, prevention, treatment, education, and community engagement, UK’s Markey Cancer Center is making strides to reduce the cancer burden in Kentucky. From ground-breaking treatments like CAR T-cell and HIPEC to cancer prevention and control, Markey researchers are pioneering numerous therapies and programs that offer Kentuckians the greatest chance of living cancer-free.

The 2021 annual report highlights Markey advancements and showcases a few of the accomplishments of the past year—all of which demonstrate the commitment to improving the future health of those in the Commonwealth. Take a look back at the past year at the Markey Cancer Center.

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trailblazing new way

Markey doctors and researchers are determined to find new ways to care for patients with neuroendocrine tumors.

the right team

UK researcher received diagnosis – and complex, specialized care he needed to take on a fast-growing cancer.

Advancing health equity

Dr. Lovoria Williams discusses her inspirations and initiatives to foster inclusion.

early detection

A CT scan to check for pneumonia revealed something unexpected for nonsmoker Brenda Spillman.

promising treatment

When other therapies fail, patients turn to the innovative CAR T-cell therapy for a chance at recovery.

basketball coach

A melanoma diagnosis didn’t slow A.W. Hamilton down. 

roadmap to survivorship

Throughout her cancer journey, Elizabeth Barr set goals for herself, and the UK Markey Center helper her achieve each one.

research within reach

The Markey Cancer Research Network allows patients across Kentucky to access leading-edge clinical trials close to home.

UK research study

After chemotherapy failed to shrink her tumor, Kathy Caldwell had another option: a clinical trial.

expanding access

Through the UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network, patients in all corners of the state can receive leading-edge cancer care.

inspiring tomorrows leaders

Students from underrepresented backgrounds explore careers in cancer care and research through new programs at Markey.

engaging community

Markey’s Community Impact Office is making big strides in statewide cancer control and prevention.


The Markey Cancer Center at Lexington Clinic provides a community cancer experience while leveraging Markey’s expertise.

improving cancer care

Lois Reynolds has made a lasting contribution to advancing care in the Commonwealth and beyond.

paying it forward

Patients can use Markey Cancer Foundation’s estate planning service to organize their estate and to give back.

NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center - A Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Markey Cancer Center is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center – a distinction that recognizes our commitment to accelerating precision cancer research and care to patients. We are the first and only NCI-Comprehensive Cancer Center in Kentucky, and one of 56 in the nation.