Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections are injections into the affected muscle area with local anesthetic with or without corticosteroid or Botox. Steroids help decrease inflammation, and Botox can help relax the muscle.

Dry needling (needle insertion without injecting medication) can also be performed to help break up the trigger points. Prior to injection, the trigger points are located by palpation (pressing of finger into musculature) and sterilely cleaned and covered appropriately. Ultrasound imaging, which uses sound waves to produce pictures of inside of the body, or fluoroscopy, which uses X-ray beams to produce picture of inside of the body, are used along with palpation to help with appropriate needle placement.

The overall goal is to provide lasting pain relief and diminish swelling. Patients who have localized muscle pain can achieve significant relief for days to months. Overall success regarding pain relief is dependent on patients stretching and strengthening the muscle region after receiving the injection.

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