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Through strong community partnerships and supported programs, UK HealthCare aims to bridge any obstacles to employment and make new opportunities accessible to underrepresented groups.

Project SEARCH

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UK HealthCare is committed to providing an inclusive work environment that fosters competitive employment for people in our community. Working with Project SEARCH, Fayette County Public Schools and the Kentucky Career Center, we have introduced a new program that offers an integrated work experience to Fayette County students with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

A transition-to-work program, Project SEARCH at UK HealthCare offers young people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities immersive job experiences to prepare them for competitive employment. Participants can expect coaching and instruction that is tailored to them. Fayette County students will be selected for this program based on their families' post-secondary goals and transition plans, as well as the students' interests, strengths and skills.

UK HealthCare is the first academic medical center in Kentucky to become a training site for Project SEARCH. Launched in August 2023, six students from Fayette County high schools are taking part in a nine-month immersive internship, getting real-world experience and mentorship in different areas across UK HealthCare.

UK HealthCare hopes to offer competitive employment opportunities that may include these areas:

  • Purchasing/Materials
  • Environmental Services
  • Office of Patient Experience
  • Central Sterile
  • Hospital Administration
  • Integrative Medicine

Partnering with Project SEARCH allows our team to draw on the strengths of an internationally recognized program. This new program also advances our commitment to support our community and our employees. At UK HealthCare, we value an inclusive work culture. Through equal and fair opportunities, we support people of all backgrounds to reach the highest potential in their health and life.

For more information about Project SEARCH, please send us an email.

About Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a nine-month internship program for young people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. This program gives participants an opportunity to work in a setting that promotes teaching and learning. At the same time, they will grow new skills to become competitive in their field of choice. This empowers interns to gain independence, confidence and self-esteem while making connections for their future.

From its start as a single program site at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Project Search has grown to an international network of sites. With 786 program sites in 48 U.S. states and 10 countries, Project Search has served more than 41,541 people.

Learn how Project SEARCH is impacting UK HealthCare by watching the below video.

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Project SEARCH, UK HealthCare offer students with disabilities immersive job, education experience
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Diversity Health Program

A collaboration between UK HealthCare and the Professional Health Colleges led by the UK College of Health Sciences, the Diversity Health Program is a guided health care mentorship experience. 

This program’s mission is to diversify health care professions by partnering with Fayette County Public School system to target underrepresented high school students. The program’s mission is to diversify health care professions by partnering with minority and underrepresented high school students. The program provides support and mentorship through college and career enrichment initiatives, with the goal of empowering participating students to attain their goal of entering health care fields.

The University of Kentucky is an equal opportunity university.