Before your kid helps on the farm, read this

A boy sits on his father's shoulders as they look at a field of crops.

While helping on the family farm is a great way for your kids to learn strong work ethic and to see where their food comes from, it's also important to remember that children should not be expected to do the same amount or type of work as adults, especially when it comes to tractors and other large pieces of farm equipment.

Safe Kids Fayette County shares advice on how you can protect your children from preventable injuries related to farm machinery:

What's dangerous on a farm?

Be aware of these dangers that may cause injuries to children:

  • Falls from machinery.
  • Loud noises that can damage young ears.
  • Unsafe use and storage of firearms.
  • Access to water sources.
  • Unsafe handling and storage of fertilizers and other chemicals.
  • Playtime in dangerous areas, such as the side of a hill or swampy ground.
  • Unsafe use and storage of tools, such as ladders, pitchforks and rope.

Farm safety tips for kids

Make sure your kid does each of these things before they start helping out:

  • Wear appropriate work clothes, shoes and other protective gear.
  • Learn the skills needed to do a job that is appropriate for their age and skill.
  • Learn how to safely work around animals.
  • Let adults know where you will be working and when to expect their return.
  • Make an emergency plan.

Tractor safety tips

Large machinery like tractors are the leading source of fatal injuries to children on a farm, and one-third of all agricultural injuries involve tractors. Be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Read and follow operating instructions.
  2. Remember that one tractor seat equals one person.
  3. Have a rollover protection system.
  4. Limit driving tractor on roadways with traffic as much as possible.
  5. Complete routine maintenance checks.

Top tip: Keep all children off of and away from tractors.

    Safe Kids Fayette County is a childhood injury prevention program led by Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Call 859-323-1153 for more information.

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