UK HealthCare - Turfland in-car registration sign

UK HealthCare - Turfland implements in-car registration

We’re hard at work improving and expanding the UK HealthCare - Turfland outpatient center on Harrodsburg Road, and in order to protect our patients, providers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing certain protocols and systems to keep patients, visitors and healthcare workers safe.

At Turfland, we have implemented an in-car registration process to ensure both a safe environment of care and easy access, whether you are visiting our Urgent Care clinic, UK Family & Community Medicine, the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center, UK Sports Medicine, UK Sports Rehabilitation, Optometry, the Travel Clinic or our Turfland Clinic Pharmacy. 

Please follow these procedures upon arrival:

  • Call upon arrival. For Barnstable Brown, call 859-323-7758, for Sports Rehab, call 859-257-4576, and for all other clinics – including x-ray or labs – call 859-218-2674.
  • Remain in your car. It is important to remain in your car during the registration process.
  • Wait for a call back. Your call will be returned to finish your registration process with further instructions. 
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