Weight loss surgery

Registered dietician discusses UK HealthCare's weight loss surgery program

We recently spoke with Amy Crist, MS, RD, LD, about UK HealthCare’s Weight Loss Surgery Program.

Crist specializes in bariatric surgery.

When someone decides to seek bariatric surgery, what are the initial steps they should take to enlist the help of the UK HealthCare Weight Loss Surgery Program?

Our program is a self-referral program, so the patient calls to initiate the process. Patients are given a link to our online weight loss seminar.  After learning about our program from the seminar the patient can call and talk to a bariatric team member who will gather more specific information and work with them to schedule an initial consultation.

It's my understanding that there's a preparation process involved before patients actually receive weight loss surgery. Can you describe this process?

A thorough work up - including medical, nutritional and psychological evaluations - is completed to determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate. We provide comprehensive education prior to and following surgery.

What sort of diet do you recommend for patients as they prepare for weight loss surgery?

Each patient meets with a registered dietitian and an individualized plan is developed to assist the patient in establishing a healthy lifestyle for bariatric surgery.

How does UK HealthCare help these patients achieve their goals and maintain good health after their weight loss surgery? 

Patients have access to lifelong follow up at our clinic to ensure they continue to meet personal and program goals. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that helps guide the patient through the entire process and is invested in seeing our patients succeed. 

For more information, visit our website and watch the free seminar to learn more.


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