Six surprising ways love is great for your health

Couple in love.

Falling head over heels can be some of the best medicine out there. Love doesn't just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside – it can be good for your physical and mental health, too!

Here are six ways having a Valentine can make you healthier:

1. Love makes you happy.

When you're in love, your levels of dopamine often rise. Dopamine is the chemical in your brain associated with reward, so being in love can be a big mood-booster.

2. Love cuts down stress and anxiety.

Having a significant other can lower your stress levels by decreasing your levels of adrenaline. Being in love can also lower your blood pressure, and the simple act of holding hands can calm your nerves.

3. Love reduces feelings of depression.

Being in any type of healthy relationship – romantic or platonic – can make you feel less isolated and more supported. Even if you do experience bouts of sadness, having a committed partner can help you cope better.

4. Love helps you detect sickness before it strikes.

Couples often encourage each other to see the doctor, and partners take symptoms and illnesses more seriously than they would if they were single. This leads to detecting more serious sicknesses in earlier stages.

5. Love eases pain.

Studies have shown that concentrating on your partner or being able to touch them can actually lessen any physical pain you're experiencing.

6. Love leads to a longer life.

Couples typically live longer, likely due to sustained emotional support and being held accountable to live a healthy lifestyle.

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