Philanthropy Initiatives

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to meeting the unique health care needs of Kentuckians, and the same goes for philanthropy.

Here, you can choose which initiative speaks the most to you. Your philanthropic partnership and generosity can help make our visions a reality.

The Campaign for Markey

Kentucky’s cancer burden is the highest in the U.S., and we consider it our moral imperative to conquer cancer in the Commonwealth.

We’ve given hundreds of thousands of people their best shot at a long and healthy life; in fact, our care touches one of every two cancer patients in Kentucky. But Kentucky’s needs have outpaced our capacity, and we must find a way to do more.

That’s why we have launched the The Campaign for Markey, an ambitious $90 million campaign to expand our resources in support of patient care, research and outreach.

Here are our three major goals:

  • We will build a new home for patient care and clinical research from the ground up. This facility will double patient capacity and ensure comfort and best-in-class treatment as close to home as possible: $60 million
  • We will recruit more faculty to expand our research footprint, pursue insights into the biology of cancer and translate that knowledge into treatments that reduce Kentucky’s cancer burden: $30 million
  • We will offer a greater breadth and depth of community outreach to arm Kentuckians with the tools to prevent cancer and coax the state’s brightest youth to pursue careers in cancer science and medicine.

Your philanthropic partnership can help make our vision a reality. Support the Lucille Parker Markey Cancer Fund online.