Graduates' Testimonials

“I feel honored to have had the opportunity to complete my internship through the University of Kentucky Hospital/Lexington VA Medical Center. The structure of the program is unmatched and I am confident that I received the best post-graduation education and experience that can be offered within the state. The diversity and range of opportunities provided during the program was more than impressive. I felt immersed into a culture of learning while at UK Hospital, and then had the amazing opportunity of serving our nation’s veterans while learning at the Lexington VA Medical Center. I completed more than fifteen clinical rotations varying in specialties like oncology, transplant, and pediatrics. Aside from that - not only did I get to train alongside top-notch preceptors in these areas, but I was also paid to do so, and I think anyone in the field of dietetics can appreciate the magnitude of that detail. The experiences at UK Hospital and the Lexington VA Medical Center are vastly different, which I think makes this program incredibly well rounded. The preceptors at both organizations are wonderful; I felt challenged and supported throughout the entire program due to their devotion. When graduation day came, I felt more than confident when scheduling my RD exam and applying for jobs. I can’t recommend this program enough, and I strongly suggest it to any student in dietetics that is seeking a challenging, unique, and engaging dietetic internship.” -- Graduate of the 2018–2019 Dietetic Internship Class

“The Dietetic Internship at the University of Kentucky Hospital and Lexington Veterans Affairs Medical Center was the most challenging, yet rewarding, educational and professional experience of my career. This internship is an intensive clinically focused program with exposure to a multitude of clinical nutrition specialties. These unique areas include ICU nutrition support, organ transplant, pediatrics, outpatient clinic counseling, and many others. Additionally, working at a large academic medical center enhances the learning experience, as you are studying alongside medical and nursing students, residents, and learners in other medical disciplines. Through the presentations given throughout the year, I also further developed my skills and confidence in public speaking. Overall, this internship has fully prepared me for my first job as a clinical dietitian.” -- Graduate of the 2019–2020 Dietetic Internship Class

“The University of Kentucky Hospital Dietetic Internship was everything I expected and more. This internship is challenging yet very rewarding and allows you to make professional connections that will help you throughout your career. You will be able to enhance your time management skills as well as communication skills while interacting with a variety of professionals on the interdisciplinary times. This is an amazing opportunity for those seeking to be a clinical dietitian as there is a wide range of rotations to be completed. All of the preceptors at this internship will motivate you and push you to do your very best and are always available to help answer any questions you may have. I gained a plethora of knowledge during the 10 months that made me more than ready to be a successful entry level dietitian. I am very happy I matched to UK Hospital, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.” -- Graduate of the 2021–2022 Dietetic Internship Class

“From clinical knowledge and experience to learning how to work with team members, nothing could have prepared me better for my current role and to be sent out with the opportunity to pursue a career in dietetics. I have consistently felt at ease and prepared for situations and circumstances that come with my job. It also taught me what questions to ask and how to continue seeking knowledge and growth which is so needed in the pediatric world. It would be easy to choose this internship again.” --Graduate of the 2022–2023 Dietetic Internship Class

Employer testimonials

“[-] is a joy. His positive, can-do attitude has brought a new level of invigoration and motivation to our RD team. His clinical knowledge and skills are excellent and have exceeded expectations for someone of his experience level, especially in the area of pediatrics. He has quickly become a leader amongst his peers and is not afraid to take on any challenge that has come before him, including complicated clinical situations, tough conversations with families, and communication with physicians and other members of his large clinical teams. He is calm and confident, but open to guidance and mentoring and knows that he still has much to learn.”

“Kudos to your internship program- [-] has been able to operate at a much higher level than one would expect from a new grad.”

“[-] is a phenomenal clinician. She has a wonderful clinical knowledge foundation that allows her to apply her understanding to a variety of situations. She quickly adapts to changes and demonstrates great empathy with her patients. She is self-motivated and eager to take on new challenges. Her team loves working with her and she has been a great reference to our own interns. We are so pleased that she decided to join our team.”

“[-] has excelled as a entry level dietitian with our clinical dietitian team. She frequently references her experiences at UK! Thanks for preparing her to exceed expectations in her current role.”