Protocols in place at UK HealthCare for coronavirus

Albert B. Chandler Hospital

In light of the recent announcement about COVID-19 cases in Kentucky, we understand that many of you have concerns about you or your loved ones coming to UK HealthCare for treatment.   

As an academic medical center, we treat some of the most complex illnesses, including diseases that may cause our patients to have compromised immune systems. Please know that our patients’ safety is our top priority, and we are well-equipped for situations like these. All of our hospitals and clinics have protocols to keep patients, visitors and healthcare workers safe.    

UK HealthCare hospitals are already under visitor restrictions due to flu season, with more stringent restrictions in certain areas. If you are visiting our hospital, we ask that you help us maintain a safe environment for everyone by following all posted guidelines for visiting patients throughout our facilities.  

For COVID-19 to spread, a person would need to be within close contact with someone who has contracted the virus. Any patient suspected of or testing positive for COVID-19 at UK HealthCare is isolated and does not pose any risk to other patients or their families. All healthcare employees are following strict CDC guidelines as well as our standard procedures to prevent exposure and the spread of illness. 



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