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S. Randal Voss, PhD

  • About

    Faculty Rank



    1994 - 1998 University of California, Davis, Post-Doc, Evolutionary Genetics


    1988-1994 Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina. PhD, Zoology

    1986-1988 Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina. MS, Biology

    1982-1986 Francis Marion University, Florence, SC. BS, Biology

  • Publications

    1. Adaptive evolution via a major gene effect: paedomorphosis in the Mexican axolotl. Voss, S.R and H.B. Shaffer. 1997. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94: 14185-14189.
    2. Evolution of salamander life cycles: A major effect QTL contributes to both continuous and discrete variation for metamorphic timing. Voss, S.R. and J.J. Smith. 2005. Genetics 170:275-181.
    3. Origin of avian and amphibian chromosomes by fusion, fission, and retention of ancestral chromosomes. Voss, S.R., Kump, K.D., Putta, S., Pauly, N., Reynolds, A., Henry, R.J., Basa, S., Walker, J.A., and Smith, J.J. 2011. Genome Research 8:1306-1312.
    4. Salamander Paedomorphosis: Linking thyroid hormone to salamander life history and life cycle evolution. Johnson CK, Voss SR. 2013. Current Topics in Developmental Biology 103:229-258.
    5. Gene expression during the first 28 days of axolotl limb regeneration I: Experimental design and global analysis of gene expression. Voss SR, Palumbo A, Nagarajan R, Gardiner DM, Muneoka K, Stromberg AJ, Ahtippozhy AT. 2015. Regeneration 2:120-136.
    6. Mccrearamycins A-D, Geldanamycin-Derived Cyclopentenone Macrolactams from an Eastern Kentucky Abandoned Coal Mine Microbe. Wang, X.;Zhang, Y.;Ponomareva, LV ;Qiu, Q ;Woodcock, R ;Elshahawi, SI ;Chen, X.;Zhou, Z.;Hatcher, BE ;Hower, JC ;Zhan, CG ;Parkin, S.;Kharel, MK ;Voss, SR ;Shaaban, KA ;Thorson, JS. Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) 56, 11 (2017): 2994-2998.
    7. Retinoic acid receptor regulation of epimorphic and homeostatic regeneration in the axolotl. Nguyen, M ;Singhal, P ;Piet, JW ;Shefelbine, SJ ;Maden, M.;Voss, SR ;Monaghan, JR. Development (Cambridge, England) 144, 4 (2017): 601-611.
    8. Ion channel signaling influences cellular proliferation and phagocyte activity during axolotl tail regeneration. Franklin, BM ;Voss, SR ;Osborn, JL. Mechanisms of development 146, (2017): 42-54.
    9. The influence of locus number and information content on species delimitation: an empirical test case in an endangered Mexican salamander. Hime, PM ;Hotaling, S ;Grewelle, RE ;O'Neill, EM ;Voss, SR ;Shaffer, HB ;Weisrock, DW. Molecular ecology 25, 23 (2016): 5959-5974.
    10. Positional plasticity in regenerating ambystoma mexicanum limbs is associated with cell proliferation and pathways of cellular differentiation. McCusker, CD ;Athippozhy, A.;Diaz-Castillo, C ;Fowlkes, C ;Gardiner, DM ;Voss, SR. BMC developmental biology 15, (2015): 45.
  • Research

    Cancer Center Member

    Research Focus

    • Tissue regeneration
    • Genetics
    • Genomics
    • Development 


    • Translational Oncology

    College & Department

    • College of Medicine

    For Referring Physicians

    741 S. Limestone St
    B481 Biomedical Biological Sciences Research Building (BBSRB)
    Lexington, KY 40536
    United States

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