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Kate Zaytseva, PhD

  • About

    Faculty Rank

    Assistant Professor
  • Publications

    1. Temperature induces significant changes in both glycolytic reserve and mitochondrial spare respiratory capacity in colorectal cancer cell lines. Mitov, M.I.;Harris, J.W.;Alstott, M.C.;Zaytseva, Y.Y.;Evers, B.M.;Butterfield, D.A. Experimental cell research 354, 2 (2017): 112-121.
    2. Adipocytes activate mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation and autophagy to promote tumor growth in colon cancer. Wen, Y.A.;Xing, X.;Harris, J.W.;Zaytseva, Y.Y.;Mitov, M.I.;Napier, D.L.;Weiss, H.L.;Mark Evers, B.;Gao, T. Cell death & disease 8, 2 (2017): e2593.
    3. "An obligatory role for neurotensin in high-fat-diet-induced obesity." Li, J.;Song, J.;Zaytseva, Y.Y.;Liu, Y.;Rychahou, P.;Jiang, K.;Starr, M.E.;Kim, J.T.;Harris, J.W.;Yiannikouris, F.B.;Katz, W.S.;Nilsson, P.M.;Orho-Melander, M.;Chen, J.;Zhu, H.;Fahrenholz, T.;Higashi, R.M.;Gao, T.;Morris, A.J.;Cassis, L.A.;Fan, T.W.;Weiss, H.L.;Dobner, P.R.;Melander, O.;Jia, J.;Evers, B.M. Nature 533, 7603 (2016): 411-5.
    4. Cancer stem cell marker expression alone and in combination with microvascular invasion predicts poor prognosis in patients undergoing transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma. Vilchez, V.;Turcios, L.;Zaytseva, Y.;Stewart, R.;Lee, E.Y.;Maynard, E.;Shah, M.B.;Daily, M.F.;Tzeng, C.W.;Davenport, D.;Castellanos, A.L.;Krohmer, S.;Hosein, P.J.;Evers, B.M.;Gedaly, R. American journal of surgery 212, 2 (2016): 238-45.
    5. Neurotensin, a novel target of Wnt/β-catenin pathway, promotes growth of neuroendocrine tumor cells. Kim, J.T.;Liu, C.;Zaytseva, Y.Y.;Weiss, H.L.;Townsend CM, J.;Evers, B.M. International journal of cancer 136, 6 (2015): 1475-81.
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