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Jian Fu, PhD

jian fu
  • About

    Faculty Rank

    Associate Professor
  • Publications

    1. Selective HDAC6 inhibition prevents TNF-α-induced lung endothelial cell barrier disruption and endotoxin-induced pulmonary edema Yu J, Ma Z, Shetty S, Ma M, Fu J. American Journal of Physiology- Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, 2016 May 17:ajplung.00051.2016. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.00051.2016.
    2. Sirt1 restrains lung inflammasome activation in a murine model of sepsis. Gao R., Chen J., Hu Y., Shetty S., Ma Z., Fu J. American Journal of Physiology- Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 308(8):L847-53, 2015.
    3. Sirt1 protects against thrombomodulin down-regulation and lung coagulation after particulate matter exposure Wu Z., Liu M., Liang M., Fu J. Blood 119(10):2422-29, 2012.
    4. LOX-1 deletion improves neutrophil function, enhances bacterial clearance and reduces lung injury in a murine polymicrobial sepsis model. Wu Z., Sawamura T., Kurdowska AK., Ji HL., Idell S., Fu J. Infection and Immunity 79(7):2865-2870, 2011.
    5. Blockade of LOX-1 prevents endotoxin-induced lung inflammation and injury in mice. Zhang P., Cheng L., Liang M., Liu MC. Fu J. Journal of Innate Immunity 1(4):358-365, 2009.
  • Research

    Cancer Center Member

    Research Focus

    • Epigenetic regulation of lung inflammation and carcinogenesis by environmental factors.
    • Critical Care Medicine.
    • Lung, kidney and vascular inflammation, injury and repair; Innate Immunity.


    • Molecular and Cellular Oncology

    College & Department

    • College of Medicine
    • Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology

    For Referring Physicians

    789 S. Limestone
    Lexington, KY 40536
    United States

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