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David Watt, PhD

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david watt
  • About

    Faculty Rank



    NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1972-73, with Professor Konrad Bloch


    Ph.D., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1972, with Professor E. J. Corey

    A.M., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1969

    A.B., Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, 1967

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  • Publications

    1. Phenylethynyl-substituted Heterocycles Inhibit Cyclin D1 and Induce the Expression of Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor p21Wif1/Cip1 in Colorectal Cancer Cells Sviripa, VM; Kril, LM; Zhang, W; Xie, Y; Wyrebek P; Ponomareva, L; Liu, X; Yuan, Y; Zhang, C-G; Watt, DS; Liu, C (2018) MedChemComm, 9(1):87-99.
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    2. Inhibition of Dihydrotestosterone Synthesis in Prostate Cancer by Combined Frontdoor and Backdoor Pathway Blockade Fiandalo, MV;. Stocking, JS; Pop, EA; Wilton, JH; Mantione, KM; Li, Y; Attwood, KM; Azabdaftari, G; Wu, Y; Watt, DS; Wilson, EM; Mohler, JL (2018) Oncotarget, 9(13):11227-11242.
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    3. Mathematical Modeling of Intracrine Androgen Metabolism in Prostate Cancer: Methodological Aspects Cook, SF; Fiandalo, MV; Watt, DS: Wu, Y; Mohler, JL; Bies, RR (2018) Prostate, Jun 25 DOI: 10.1002/pros. 23665.
    4. Efficient Synthesis of Aurone Mannich Bases and Evaluation of their Antineoplastic Activity in PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cells Popova, AV; Frasinyuk, MS; Bondarenko, SP; Zhang, W; Xie, Y; Martin, ZM; Cai, X; Fiandalo, MV; Mohler, JL; Liu, C; Watt, DS; Sviripa, VM (2018) Chemical Papers, 72(10): 2443-2456.
    5. A Direct Synthesis of 2-(-Carboxyalkyl)isoflavones from ortho-Hydroxylated Deoxybenzoins Mrug, GP; Demydchyk, BA; Bondarenko, SP; Sviripa, VM: Wyrebek, P;. Mohler, JL; Fiandalo, MV; Liu, C; Frasinyuk, MS; Watt, DS (2018) Eur J Org Chem, 39: 5460-5463.
    6. N,N'-Diaryl-Bishydrazones in a Biphenyl Platform: Broad Spectrum Antifungal Agents Chandrika, NT; Dennis, EK; Shrestha, SK; Ngo, HX; Green, KD; Kwiatkowski, S; Deaciuc, AG; Dwoskin, LP; Watt, DS; Garneau-Tsodikova, S. (2019) Eur J Med Chem, 164: 273-281.
    7. Semisynthetic aurones inhibit tubulin polymerization at the colchicine-binding site and repress PC-3 tumor xenografts in nude mice and myc-induced T-ALL in zebrafish Xie, Y; Kril, LM; Yu, T; Zhang, W; Frasinyuk, MS; Bondarenko, SP; Kondratyuk, KM; Hausman, E; Martin, ZM; Wyrebek, PP; Liu, X; Deaciuc, A; Dwoskin, LP; Chen, J; Zhu, H; Zhan, C-G; Sviripa, VM; Blackburn, J; Watt, DS; Liu, C. (2019) Sci Reports, in press.
    8. Autophagic Flux Modulation by Wnt/β-catenin Pathway in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Turcios, L; Chacon, E; Garcia, C; Eman, P; Jiang, J; Spear, B; Liu, C; Watt, DS; Marti, F; Gedaly, R (2019) PLoS One 2019 Feb 22;14(2):e0212538. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0212538. eCollection 2019. PMID: 30794613.
    9. Fluorinated N,N-dialkylaminostilbenes for Wnt pathway inhibition and colon cancer repression. Zhang W, Sviripa V, Kril LM, Chen X, Yu T, Shi J, Rychahou P, Evers BM, Watt DS and Liu C. J Med Chem 54(5):1288-97, 2011.
    10. Quantification of trans-2,6-difluoro-4‘-dimethylaminostilbene in rat plasma: Application to a pharmacokinetic study. Lin HS, Sviripa VM, Watt DS, Liu C, Ong PS, and Ho PC. J Pharm Biomed Anal 72,115-120, 2012.
    11. Fluorinated N,N’-diarylureas as AMPK activators. Sviripa V, Zhang W, Conroy MD, Schmidt ES, Liu AX, Truong J, Liu C, Watt DS. Bioorg Med Chem Lett 23(6):1600-1603, 2013.
    12. Fluorinated N,N-dialkylaminostilbenes repress colon cancer by targeting methionine S-adenosyltransferase 2A. Zhang W, Sviripa V, Chen X, Shi J, Yu T, Ward N, Kril L, Vander Kooi C, Evers M, Watt D, Liu C. ACS Chem Biol 8(4):796-803, 2013.
  • Research

    Cancer Center Member

    Research Focus

    Development of small-molecule activators and inhibitors relevant to cancer, infectious disease and epilepsy.


    • Translational Oncology

    College & Department

    • College of Medicine
    • Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

    For Referring Physicians

    421 Bio-Pharm Building
    University of Kentucky
    Lexington, KY 40536
    United States

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