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Rolf Craven, PhD

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rolf craven
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    Associate Professor
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  • Publications


    1. Pgrmc1 (progesterone receptor membrane component 1) associates with EGFR and regulates erlotinib sensitivity. Ahmed IS, Rohe HJ, Twist KE and Craven RJ. J Biol Chem 285:24775-24782, 2010.
    2. Ngal (neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin) transcription dependent on the tumor-associated sigma-2 receptor S2RPgrmc1. Mir SUR, Jin L and Craven RJ. J Biol Chem 287:14494-501, 2012.
    3. Elevated Pgrmc1 (progesterone receptor membrane component 1)/sigma-2 receptor levels in lung tumors and plasma from lung cancer patients. Mir SUR, Ahmed IS, Arnold S and Craven RJ. Int J Cancer 131:1-9, 2012.
    4. The Rak/Frk tyrosine kinase associates with and internalizes the epidermal growth factor receptor. Jin L and Craven RJ. Oncogene, epub Jan 14, 2013.
    5. Sigma-2 receptor associates with MAP1-LC3B and promotes autophagy. Mir SUR, Schwarze S, Jin L, Zhang J, Friend W, Miriyala S, St Clair D and Craven RJ. Autophagy 2013.