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Sainan Wei, PhD

Sainan Wei, PhD


  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • About

    Faculty Rank

    Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


    College of Human Medicine, Wuhan University, China


    Department of Medical Genetics, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit

    Certifications and Special Training

    American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics

  • Publications

    1. A patient with constitutional ring 1 chromosome characterized by SNP array CGH. Clin Case Rep. 2016 Apr;4(4):442-8. Saliganan S, Lee J, Wei S.
      View Publication
    2. Isodicentric Y mosaicism involving a 46, XX Cell Line: Implications for management. Hipp LE, Mohnach L, Wei S, Thomas I, Elhassan M, Sandberg D, Quint EH and Keegan E. Am J Med Genet Part A 170A(1):233-8;2016. PMID: 26407917
    3. Frontofacionasal dysplasia in a child with a de novo duplication of 7p15.2-p15.1. Mansour T, Wei S, Netzloff M, Mohamed T, Brain S, and Omar SA. AJP Rep. 5(2):e111-e115;2015. doi: 10.1055/s-0035-1549299. PMID: 26495166
    4. First contiguous gene deletion causing biotinidase deficiency: the enzyme disorder in three Sri Lankan children. Senanayake DN, Jasninge EA, Pindolia K, Wanigasinghe J, Monaghan K, Scuy SF, Wei S, Jaysena S and Wolf B. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Report. 2:81-4; 2015. doi:10.1016/j.ymgmr.2015.01.005
    5. HER2 Status in Elderly Women With Breast Cancer. Laird-Fick H, Gardiner JC, Tokala H, Patel P, Wei S, Dimitrov NV. J Geriatr Oncol. 4(4):362-7; 2013.
    6. De Novo Duplication 3q in an Infant With a Vascular Ring and Features Overlapping Cornelia de Lange Phenotype. Iacoboni D, Kady N, Gregoire-Bottex M, Netzloff M, Wei S. Case Report in Clinical Medicine (CRCM). 2(1):48-52; 2013.
    7. Unusual CD+5 large B-cell lymphoma: possible follicular variant of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Wei S and Olsen B. Am J Hematopathol. may 9; 2012.
    8. Cattanach’s Translocation Brenner’s Online Encyclopedia of Genetics Fan JK, Wei S. Chapter 204. 2nd edition, 2012 edited by Dr Stanley Maloy and Dr Kelly Hughes.
    9. Androgenone Brenner’s Online Encyclopedia of Genetics Smrchek M, Wei S .Chapter 63. 2nd edition, 2012 edited by Dr Stanley Maloy and Dr Kelly Hughes.
    10. Nearly identical near-haploid karyotype in a peritoneal mesothelioma and a retroperitoneal malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor Sukov WR, Ketterling RP, Wei S, Monaghan KG, Blunden P, Mazzara P, Raghavan R, Oliviera AM., Wiktor AE., Keeney GL. and Van Dyke D L. Cancer Genet Cytogenetics. 202(2), 123-8; 2010. PMID: 20875874.
    11. Homozygous structural rearrangement 16p13; a mechanism of tumorigenesis in sporadic renal angiomyolipoma? Adeyinka A, Wei S, Abbud-Mendez C, Sanchez J and Lee MW. Am J Med Genet Part A.149A:809-811; 2009. PMID: 19288555.
    12. Seizures as the first manifestation of chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome in a 40-year old man. Tonelli AD, Kosuri K, Wei S, Chick D. Journal of Medical Case Reports. 1:167-172; 2007. PMID: 18053182.
    13. A False-positive prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 18 by interphase FISH: Hybridization of chromosome 18 alpha-satellite DNA probe (D18Z1) to the heterochromatic region of chromosome 9. Wei S, Siu VM, Decker A, Quigg MH, Roberson J, Xu J,Adeyinka. Prenatal Diag. 27(11):1064-66;2007. PMID: 17654752.
    14. Loss of 17p is a major consequence of whole-arm chromosome translocations in hematologic malignancies. Adeyinka A, Wei S and Sanchez J. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics. 173(2):136-43; 2007. PMID:17321329.
    15. Is cystic fibrosis population carrier screening cost effective? Wei S, Monaghan KG. Community Genetics. 10(2):103-9; 2007. PMID: 17321329.
    16. Cystic fibrosis testing among Arab Americans: Experience with carrier screening and diagnostic testing. Wei S, Feldman GL and Monaghan KG. Genet in Med. 8(4): 255-8; 2006. PMID: 16617247.
    17. Mutations in the gamma-actin gene (ACTG1) are associated with dominant progressive deafness (DFNA20/26). Zhu M, Yang T, Wei S, DeWan AT, Morell RJ, Elfenbein JL, Fisher RA, Leal SM, Smith RJ, Friderici KH. Am J Hum Genet. 73(5):1082-91; 2003. PMID: 13680526.
    18. Connexin 26 35delG does not represent a mutational hotspot. Rothrock CR, Murgia A, Sartorato E, Leonardi E, Wei S, Bena L, Fisher RA, Elfenbein JL and Friderici KH. Hum Genet. 113(1):18-23; 2003. PMID: 12684873.
    19. Audiologic Aspects of the Search for DFNA20: A Gene causing late-onset, progressive, sensorineural hearing loss. Elfenbein JL, Fisher RA, Wei S, Morell RJ, Stewart C, Friedman TB and Friderici KH. Ear and Hearing. 22: 279-288, 2001. PMID: 11527035.
    20. A new locus for late-onset, progressive, hereditary hearing Loss (DFNA20) maps to 17q25. Morell RJ, Friderici KH, Wei S, Elfenbein JL, Friedman TB and Fisher RA. Genomics. 63: 1-6; 2000. PMID: 10662538.
  • Research

    Cancer Center Member

    Research Focus

    My research interests are on genetic disorders including single gene disorders, genetic syndromes, multifactorial genetic disorders, as well as acquired genetic disorders such as various types of hematological disorders and solid tumors. 


    • Molecular and Cellular Oncology

    College & Department

    • College of Medicine
    • Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

    For Referring Physicians

    MS119, 800 Rose Street
    Lexington, KY 40536
    United States

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