Good Samaritan Emergency Department

The Good Samaritan Emergency Department offers a variety of emergency services in a community-hospital atmosphere.

  • We offer a fast-track service for urgent but non life-threatening medical problems.
  • We see patients of all ages and our experienced physicians are board certified in family practice or emergency medicine.
  • We also offer the UK system’s emergency help for mental health needs. We are focused on quality, efficient care and customer satisfaction. 

Arriving in our emergency department

Upon arrival, you will need to sign in with some basic information in order for the triage nurse to see you. The triage nurse will discuss your condition and decide what treatment is needed. It is very important that you share all medical information, including the symptoms you are having, with our triage nurse. Also, please ask the nurse before eating or drinking anything, as this may interfere with your treatment.

After talking with the triage nurse, a patient relations assistant will begin the registration process. This may happen at the front desk or bedside. During the registration process, you will be asked for information such as your name, address and phone number. This information is important to include in your medical record.

We appreciate your patience

Please understand that some people who arrive after you may be seen before you. Emergency visits are not like doctor’s office visits. There are no scheduled appointments. Instead, patients are seen in different areas based on the type of illness or injury they have. 

To our patients

On behalf of our physicians, nurses and other staff of the UK Good Samaritan Emergency Department (ED ), welcome to our ED . At UK Good Samaritan Hospital, we have a long tradition of caring for our patients with both expertise and compassion. We have done our best to prepare for you and all the other patients who may visit us today. While any visit to the ED involves stress, we make every effort to put our patients – and their families – at ease.

Our team has years of experience taking care of many patients at the same time, but occasionally so many patients will arrive within a short period of time that we will not be as fast as we would like in caring for everyone. Your time and convenience are important to us, and we apologize if you experience any delays. Please tell us if you are experiencing pain, as your comfort is one of our main concerns. Because we do not have scheduled appointments, the ED can be a busy, and at times, chaotic place. If you have any questions or if you are confused about what is happening during your visit, please do not hesitate to ask your nurse or physician for more information.

We want you to be comfortable and understand our plans to evaluate and treat your problem. We hope you are satisfied with the care we provide you with today. We are constantly working to improve our processes, and we value the feedback patients like you can give us. To help us get as much feedback as possible regarding your treatment today, you may receive a survey in the mail in the next few weeks asking about your impression of our service. If you receive such a survey, please take a few moments to complete and return it so we can continue to make improvements to benefit our patients.

If, after you leave, you would like to speak with someone regarding your visit, please contact a customer service representative at 859-226-7040.

Visitor information

In order to protect your privacy and safety of you and all of our patients, the number of family members and visitors for each patient must be limited. Once you are taken to a room, you may have two family members / visitors in your room at one time. Children should remain in the waiting area with a responsible adult. 


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