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Enif A. Dominguez-Fernandez, DDS

  • About

    Enif Dominguez-Fernandez graduated from dental school at the Central University of Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas-Venezuela). After nine years as chief surgical assistant in a nationally well-recognized oral and maxillofacial surgery center (Caracas-Venezuela), she received her oral and maxillofacial surgery training at the University of Kentucky.

    Dr. Dominguez-Fernandez has given presentations both nationally and internationally. She has published journal articles and textbook chapters about distraction osteogenesis and zygomatic implants. Her clinical interests include dental implants, zygomatic implants, distraction osteogenesis, orthognatic surgery, oral and maxillofacial reconstruction, and sleep apnea surgery.

    Faculty Rank

    Assistant Professor of Dentistry


    Universidad Central De Venezuela, Los Chaguaramos Caracas 1051, Venezuela


    Santa Rosa Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center, Santa Rosa, Calif.

    University of Kentucky

    Universidad Central De Venezuela, Los Chaguaramos Caracas, Venezuela