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Laboratory Services

Hospital and Clinical Laboratory

The UK laboratory offers adult and pediatric blood drawing and urine testing services through UK HealthCare. A written doctor's order or lab requisition is required for testing to be performed. Results are available through your physician's office or by accessing the online patient portal. For quicker service, contact your provider to schedule an appointment at any location. 

  • Blood Drawing Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need to register every time I have my blood drawn; don't you already have that information on file?

    UK HealthCare wants to ensure that we have your current insurance information so that you are not billed unnecessarily.

    Why do you need to copy my insurance card?

    UK HealthCare needs this information in order to bill your current insurance company.

    Why do you ask for my date of birth?

    Your name and date of birth are compared to the information on your lab requisition and are used to verify your identity.

    Will insurance cover my lab tests?

    If UK HealthCare is a participating provider with your health plan, your out-of-pocket costs are usually limited to co-payments, co-insurances and/or other deductibles. We recommend that you contact your insurance company/health plan if you have questions regarding your benefit coverage or how your services will be covered.

    Whom should I call with billing questions?

    You may receive separate bills for services received at UK HealthCare: one for professional fees (services provided by a pathologist) and one for hospital fees (lab tests). Each billing area has a separate customer service phone number:

    • Professional fees (physician billing): Kentucky Medical Services Foundation, Inc.  
      1-800-967-2131 (toll free)
    • Lab Tests: UK HealthCare Patient Accounts 
      1-800-288-2779 (toll free)
    Can you send my test results to more than one physician?

    We will send your test results to the physician who ordered the test. We can send the results to another physician if requested at the time of collection and the following information is provided; name, address, phone number, fax number.

    Can I come by to pick up my test results?  Can I have them faxed to my home?

    The blood drawing stations cannot release results directly to patients. The laboratory can release test results only to your doctor or to another doctor if requested by your physician.

    Where can I get my test results?

    Laboratory or pathology test results are available from the office of the physician who ordered the test.