Interventional Pulmonology

The UK HealthCare Interventional Pulmonology program provides world-class comprehensive service for patients with a wide variety of airway, lung and pleural disorders. As the referral center for all of Kentucky, we have an experienced team of board-certified interventional pulmonologists who provide high-quality care using the most advanced technology. We’re also proud to have a dedicated yearlong Interventional Pulmonology fellow serving on our team. 

The Interventional Pulmonology program brings together experts from these areas:

  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Hematology
  • Infectious disease
  • Laryngology/Ear, nose & throat
  • Oncology
  • Pathology
  • Rheumatology

Our team effectively diagnoses and treats airway and lung disorders using the latest equipment and technologies for minimally invasive procedures.

We focus on comprehensive lung cancer care, including:

  • Accurate diagnosis using the latest technology
  • Cancer staging
  • Stent placement to clear airways
  • Fluid collection in the chest to relieve shortness of breath
  • Endobronchial valve placement to provide relief for COPD or for situations where there is continuous air leak from a lung collapse

Working with the multidisciplinary team at the UK Markey Cancer Center, the only National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Center in Kentucky, we can often diagnose and assess the lung cancer stage in the same procedure.


Advanced diagnostic bronchoscopy

UK HealthCare specializes in advanced bronchoscopy techniques that provide diagnosis for lung nodule and stages of cancer. We use the latest technology to help in accurate diagnosis of lung disorders. These include:

  • Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy for diagnosis of lung nodules
  • Linear endobronchial ultrasound for lung cancer staging and lymph node biopsy
  • Radial endobronchial ultrasound for the diagnosis of lung mass and nodules
  • Narrow band imaging and autofluorescence bronchoscopy
  • Robotic bronchoscopy with three-dimensional imaging

Therapeutic bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology

  • Airway stent insertion for airway narrowing
  • Argon plasma coagulation
  • Balloon dilation of the airway narrowing
  • Brachytherapy for airway tumor destruction
  • Bronchoscopy lung volume reduction
  • Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction with endobronchial valve placement
  • Bronchothermoplasty for severe asthma
  • Cryotherapy for bronchial lesion
  • Endobronchial electrosurgery for tumor destruction
  • Endobronchial steroid injection
  • Endobronchial valve placement
  • Foreign body removal
  • ND YAG laser for photoresection of malignant central airway obstruction
  • Management of tracheostomy tubes
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Rigid bronchoscopy
  • Transtracheal oxygen catheter placement

Pleural disease management

  • Ultrasound guided thoracentesis for pleural effusion
  • PleurX catheter insertion for malignant pleural effusions
  • Medical thoracoscopy for pleurodesis and for undiagnosed pleural effusion

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