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Vitaliy Mykolayovych Sviripa, PhD

  • About

    Faculty Rank

    Assistant Professor


    PhD, Organic Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Science of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

    M.Sc., The Ivan Franko National University of L’viv (Ukraine)

  • Publications

    1. Semisynthetic aurones inhibit tubulin polymerization at the colchicine-binding site and repress PC-3 tumor xenografts in nude mice and myc-induced T-ALL in zebrafish Xie Y, Kril LM, Yu T, Zhang W, Frasinyuk MS, Bondarenko SP, Kondratyuk KM, Hausman E, Martin ZM, Wyrebek PP, Liu X, Deaciuc A, Dwoskin LP, Chen J, Zhu H, Zhan C-G, Sviripa VM, Blackburn J, Watt DS, Liu C. (2019) Sci Reports, Accepted for publication.
    2. Induction of AMPK activation by N,N’-diarylurea FND-4b decreases growth and increases apoptosis in triple negative and estrogen-receptor positive breast cancers. Johnson J, Rychahou P, Sviripa VM, Weiss HL, Liu C, Watt DS, Evers BM. (2019) PLoS ONE 14(3): e0209392
    3. A Direct Synthesis of 2‐(ω‐Carboxyalkyl) isoflavones from ortho‐Hydroxylated Deoxybenzoins Mrug GP, Demydchyk BA, Bondarenko SP, Sviripa VM, Wyrebek P, Mohler JL, Fiandalo MV, Liu C, Frasinyuk M, Watt DS. (2018) Eur J Org Chem, 39: 5460-5463. DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.201801171
    4. Phenylethynyl-substituted Heterocycles Inhibit Cyclin D1 and Induce the Expression of Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor p21Wif1/Cip1 in Colorectal Cancer Cells. Sviripa VM*, Kril LM, Zhang W, Xie Y, Wyrebek P, Ponomareva L, Liu X, Yuan Y, Zhan CG, Watt DS, Liu C. (2018). Med.Chem.Commun, 9: 87-99. DOI: 10.1039/C7MD00393E. (*corresponding author)
    5. Efficient Synthesis of Aurone Mannich Bases and Evaluation of their Antineoplastic Activity in PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cells Popova AV, Frasinyuk MS, Bondarenko SP, Zhang W, Xie Y, Martin ZM, Cai X, Fiandalo MV, Mohler JL, Liu C, Watt DS, Sviripa VM. * (2018) Chemical Papers, 72(10): 2443-2456. (*corresponding author)
    6. A crystal structure of coil 1B of vimentin in the filamentous form provides a model of a high‐order assembly of a vimentin filament. Pang AH, Obiero JM, Kulczyk AW, Sviripa VM, Tsodikov OV. (2018). The FEBS Journal, 285(15): 2888-2899.
    7. Fluorinated N,N'-Diarylureas As Novel Therapeutic Agents Against Cancer Stem Cells. Kenlan DE, Rychahou P, Sviripa VM, Weiss HL, Liu C, Watt DS, Evers BM. (2017) Molecular cancer therapeutics, 16 (5): 831-837.
    8. Bis(N-amidinohydrazones) and N-(amidino)-N'-aryl-bishydrazones: New classes of antibacterial/antifungal agents. Shrestha SK, Kril LM, Green KD, Kwiatkowski S, Sviripa VM, Nickell JR, Dwoskin LP, Watt DS, Garneau-Tsodikova S. (2017) Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 25(1): 58-66.
    9. Antineoplastic isoflavonoids derived from intermediate ortho-quinonone metides generated from mannich bases. Frasinyuk MS, Mrug GP, Bondarenko SP, Khilya VP, Sviripa VM, Syrotchuk O, Zhang W, Cai X, Fiandalo MV, Mohler JL, Liu C, Watt DS. (2016) ChemMedChem, 11(6): 600-611. PMID: 26889756
    10. Synthesis of a norcantharidin-tethered guanosine: Protein phosphatase-1 inhibitorsthat change alternative splicing. Kwiatkowski S, Sviripa VM, Zhang Z, Wendland AE, Hobartner C, Watt DS, Stamm S. (2016) Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 26(3): 965-968. PMID: 26725024
  • Research

    Cancer Center Member

    Research Focus

    My research interests are focused on the design, synthesis, and optimization of small-molecule probes with particular emphasis on the developing antineoplastic agents that affect novel biological targets that provide a fundamental understanding of molecular mechanisms in signaling pathways important in cancer development. I am actively working on the development of proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTACs) agents for the induced degradation of different proteins responsible for cancer development and progression.

    College & Department

    • College of Pharmacy
    • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    For Referring Physicians

    789 S. Limestone
    Lexington, KY 40536-0596
    United States

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